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Brad calls Katie to the living room so she can witness him giving Jack $20,000.

Jack rips up the check and claims he can't buy a "chunk of forgiveness."

Upset after Katie admits she doesn't respect him, Brad runs off.

Mike announces to Katie that he's leaving town for awhile. He offers to take her out when she complains about not having any fun in her life.

After seeking advice from Janet, Brad apologizes to Jack and announces that he's going to turn himself in for what he did to Leo.

Jack assures him that Katie will be proud. Paul is dumbfounded when he sees on his laptop a video of Meg with Dusty at the beach.

He calls Jack to Fairwinds but they can't find the picture of the two. Insisting Dusty is alive, Paul goes to the station house and demands to see Dusty's coroner's report.

Dallas warns him to back off.

Jack calls Barbara and they end up taking Paul to the hospital where the doctor decides to admit him.

Derek calls Bonnie and explains his concern that James may come after him for what he's done. Bonnie invites him to the club but on his way, James grabs him and asks him to go to Faro Island to watch Meg.

Though given a sedative, Jack slips out of the hospital and finds Derek locked in the wine cellar.

He offers to show him where Meg is but Paul forces him to reveal the name Swans Down cottage on Faro Island.

There, Meg starts moaning from a stomach pain and stuns Dusty with the news that she's pregnant. He takes her back to the beach house where he wonders where they can hide from James.

Meg claims she can't go anywhere for fear of losing her baby.

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