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Mike's shocked to find Paul digging at the site. Paul lies that he's just taking more soil samples. Lily interrupts and asks Mike if he'll build an arbor for the wedding.

James takes a peek at Meg and when she sees him, he lies that he's just a dream who will be gone when she wakes. Paul is outraged and orders him to stay away from her.

Unable to dig up the cash, Paul orders the work at the site stopped when Mike explains he needs a few days off to help Lily. He then complains to James.

With Nancy by her side, Dorothy asks Chris if he and his "girlfriend" might take care of her dog Voldemort now that she's moving into Mountain view, an assisted living place.

With Dorothy gone, Chris presses Alison to help her take care of the dog. He slips the dog into the Lakeview and when she tries to help, Aaron catches her there and pulls her in for a food tasting session for the wedding.

When she claims she can't go talk with Emma about the catering because of work, she slips upstairs to see Chris and the dog.

Henry hints to Vienna that the success of Metro could be short-lived now that Bonnie is gone. Vienna agrees to let him re-hire her but only if he agrees to learn everything she knows and fire her again.

After overhearing Derek make a threatening phone call, Henry warns Bonnie that he's dangerous but she's not concerned.

Aaron asks his father to be his Best Man and Holden is honored.

Holden offers to go tell Lily and finds that his ex-wife has been sharing a shower with Mike.

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