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Emily confides to Susan that she's having a tubal ligation. Susan wonders what might happen if she ends things with Casey.

Susan confides to Dani about her daughter's surgery. Dani tells Casey who barges into her hospital room and is shocked to hear what she's doing.

Emily claims he has no say over what she does with her body and kicks him out. He guesses to Dani that he convinced Emily to change her mind.

Alison is examined by Dr. Schiller and admits she and her husband are trying to have a baby. The doctor says sge has Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

Dr. Schiller explains that antibiotics will take care of this but warns that it has already done some damage to her reproductive system which means it is highly unlikely she can get pregnant.

When she explains that this typically stems from high risk sex, Alison starts crying and leaves.

Chris finds her crying and comforts her which upsets Aaron.

Back at the farm, Aaron assures Alison that it doesn't matter to him.

Performing CPR, Carly gets Jack breathing again and assures him he's fine in spite of his bleeding hand. The two then find the beach house where Meg and Dusty were being held.

James knocks Jack out from behind and instructs his hired thug to grab Carly too and place them both in a row boat in the middle of a body of water without oars.

They eventually make it back to shore. Paul finds Meg and Dusty asleep at the lighthouse.

He wakes Dusty, ordering him to take his hands off his wife. Meg and Dusty explain what James has done with Dusty warning Paul about "falling into the trap."

James jumps them and tries to convince Paul that his "whore" wife is lying. Dusty fights him and, as Paul shoots Dusty, James is forced over the ledge to the ground below.

Paul pleads with James to explain what he's been doing but James mutters that Paul failed him as a son and then dies.

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