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Carly tells Jack what she saw and heard Brad say to a comatose Leo at the hospital. Jack discounts her concern which makes her realize that he's lying.

Brad suffers a terrible nightmare about Leo trying to pull him under the water.

Katie comforts him and urges him to talk with Jack but he claims his career and his life will be over if he does.

Jack confronts him and gives him an hour to come in and tell his story. When Leo comes to, he has a nurse call Brad to invite him to the hospital.

Leo apologizes for what he did to Liberty and claims he doesn't remember anything that happened afterwards. Hearing this, Jack reluctantly agrees not to do anything.

Luke, Noah, and Lucinda go mushroom hunting and camping with Brian who surprises Lucinda by revealing he intends to be a gentleman and sleep with the boys.

However, when she gets "brambles" in her hair during the "hunt," Brian gently removes them, impressing Luke.

Later, Noah announces to Luke that he's going abroad to shoot a film in Italy. Lily and Mike are embarrassed when Holden enters Lily's house and finds Mike wearing a towel and Lily's towel on the floor after their shower.

She catches up with Holden and insists she did nothing wrong.

He becomes upset when she boasts that she's bringing Mike as her date to Aaron's wedding. While Lily convinces Mike to go, Holden approaches Carly and kisses her, complaining about his ex and Mike.

He invites her to the wedding but she won't go. Janet worries Liberty when she reveals that she's leaving the farm.

Liberty asks Jack to convince Janet to come back to him. Jack confronts Janet at the diner and asks her to come back to him.

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