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With Faith and Meg present at the farm, Lily stuns them with the news that Holden died in a truck crash. Emma insists that the watch doesn't confirm Holden is dead.

Lily asks Faith for help telling Ethan what happened.

However, her message about people not coming back from a trip falls short as Ethan asks if his dad can call them even though he's dead.

When Lily falls apart while holding one of her husband's shirts, Damian tries to comfort her.

When Faith spots them embracing, she screams at him to leave her mother alone. Noah tries to convince a depressed Luke that Holden's death is not his fault.

Liberty's frustrated when Parker is too busy with his modeling career to pay attention to her text messages about school.

She's pleased when he agrees to meet her at a school picnic later.

Parker confides to Rosanna that he's concerned by how much Liberty seems to need him now and leaks that Liberty was fired from her Chicago internship.

At the picnic, Liberty tries to keep her distance from Tony who offers her a bottled of spiked water. But when Parker fails to show, Liberty runs to find him and sees him hugging faith, unaware he just heard about her father.

Upset, Liberty joins Tony in his car so they can have sex. Teri gives Craig a hard time when he fails to seek her advice about redoing the Metro kitchen.

When a pipe bursts, Teri removes her soaked shirt, much to Craig's surprise. He quickly covers her with a table cloth but when Rosanna sees them, she assumes he's coming on to her.

Hearing Meg and Lily arguing about Damian, Emma kicks them out of the farmhouse.

When a sheriff calls requesting Holden's dental records, Damian offers to have them sent and then asks him to call him for now on instead of Lily.

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