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Jack and Brad welcome Seth back. Emma's relieved to see her son is back. He gives Meg a hard time after she reveals that she's with Damian now.

When he stops by to check on Lily, Lucinda sends Damian to Meg to take her to the memorial service. Instead, he slips into Lily's bedroom and escorts her to the living room.

Lucinda tries to send him away but he insists on helping Lily. Damian then calls Meg and disappoints her by stating that Lily needs him.

Lucinda tells Lily she's insulting Holden's memory by allowing Damian to escort her. Emma is thrilled to find Aaron at the church.

After ripping in half a photo of Lily with Holden, Faith lashes out at her mother for coming to the church with Damian.

Later, Faith confides to Parker that she saw her mother kissing Damian.

Holden wakes in a strange woman's place. Maeve reveals that he's been "out" for a couple of days but refuses to take him to see a doctor.

She insists her homemade soup will make him better and stuns him with the news that she and her husband don't have a phone.

Her husband Ed arrives and chastises his wife for giving Holden his food.

After Holden relates the story of being kidnaped and then driving off the cliff, he passes out. Eb decides that they've got to get rid of him and turns to grab his hand gun.

Maeve suggests that Holden may know where Skaggs' money is and convinces him to back off. Later, Holden wakes and finds he's shackled to the bed frame.

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