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Henry's is pleased when his mother interrupts him in bed with Vienna. He searches his mother's bag and finds it filled with copies of obits for men she's dated.

He reads in Audrey's diary about the many men in her life including Jay Stanhope. As Vienna takes her to Fashions, Audrey is unnerved when Jay confronts her, boasting that he knew he would find her.

Audrey's forced to introduce Jay to Vienna as a friend from Chicago. Later, Henry privately warns Jay about associating with his mother.

After chasing him off, Henry shows Audrey and Vienna the obits and asks if she killed her past suitors. Not answering, Audrey announces that her son has hurt her and walks out.

Damian shows off his new office to a pleased Meg. Lily interrupts and brings flowers for Luke along with champagne for Damian.

Thanking her, Damian admits he appreciates her support and, after Meg steps out, he admits he's thinking of hiring her. Lily badmouths the idea because she thinks they're sleeping together.

Ignoring her, Damian asks her to be a consultant who will deal with a pharmaceutical company for him. Emily hands Meg a check and announces that Paul is trying to start a trust fund for Eliza.

Pointing out she already told Paul no, Damian suggests she give back the check and come work for him to insure Eliza's future.

Meg faces off with Paul and later is caught off guard when Damian hints that she can't work for him if she has feelings for Paul.

When Meg expresses her concern, Damian admits that he has feelings for her and knows that they might be mixing business with pleasure.

Meg accuses Lily of wanting Damian all to herself. After raging at her, Lily warns Meg that Damian has an agenda where Luke is concerned.

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As the World Turns
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