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Janet won't allow Liberty to look at colleges with BFF Mackenzie. Liberty tells Teri if she waits longer than a couple of days to "do this," she may not have the strength to act.

After arguing with Rosanna, Craig joins Teri and Liberty in their scheme in Chicago. Hearing Liberty can get an appointment tomorrow, Craig offers to put them up at a hotel overnight.

When Parker admits his concerns about Liberty, Jack suggests that he give the teen some room. Liberty's plan falls apart when Janet spots Mackenzie outside the diner.

Unable to reach her sister, Janet demands that Jack drive her to Chicago.

While Craig takes Teri out to view some Chicago restaurant kitchens, Liberty hears a voicemail from her mother, warning that she's on her way to find her.

Liberty hurries back to the diner and lies to her mother about being with Parker who hears that he's her alibi. At the station house, James orders his attorney to make the changes immediately to his will.

Pleading with him and Vienna, Audrey convinces Henry to help her convince James to give her a loan to pay off her threatening "friend" Ray.

They're stunned when James admits he's ordered his will changed to make Paul the sole heir. Paul is upset when his father tells him that he is his heir again.

Meanwhile, Audrey hints to her son that they need to stop James from signing his new will. She invites James' lawyer to the hotel suite where she drugs him and then seeks Henry's help dealing with the unconscious man.

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