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Margo questions Casey about Elwood. Casey is distracted when Matt brings Alison to the diner.

Matt senses Alison's distracted by Casey and gets her to admit that she probably has some unresolved feelings for Casey.

Alison goes on to explain that she knows they can't be together and wants his help getting her to forget about him.

After pointing out that Elwood failed to attend the memorial service for Reg today, Luke accuses him of selling his friend the drugs that killed him.

Elwood claims he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Admitting Elwood's living across the hall from him in the dorm, Kevin offers to keep an eye on him. Noah thanks him but Luke insists he still doesn't trust Kevin and tells Noah he wants to search Elwood's room.

Though Noah warns him not to break the law, Luke slips into the messy dorm room and finds a card reading "got you covered" and signed with the letter M. With a security guard and Kevin by his side, Elwood catches him snooping and Luke is taken to the station house.

After Lily pleads with him to forgive a distraught Luke, Elwood decides not to press charges. Noah shows Casey the mysterious card from M. Jade spots Emily and weasels some more money out of her by updating her on Alison and Casey.

Later, when Alison leaks that she saw Jade having sex with Casey, she rushes to confront her informant and tells her that she doesn't belong with someone like Casey.

Jade counters that he satisfies her but offers to end things with her in exchange for one more week's pay. As she hands her the cash, Casey finds them together but they lie about the "severance pay."

After Emily leaves, Casey tells Jade he can't go out with her tonight. Surprised when Matt enters a room at the hospital where they keep drugs, Casey wonders if he is the "M" typed on the card.

Later, Jade tries to seduce him at work but Casey runs off only to find Matt kissing Alison at Yo's.

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