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Admitting she had feelings for Casey, Alison confides to Emily that she was right to try to keep her away from him. Luke stuns Casey with news about the hospital rooftop meeting he was supposed to have.

Casey admits that Jade actually urged him to stay away from Alison.

Luke drags Jade back into the diner where she tries to explain why he shouldn't be with Alison. Casey lashes out at her for "trying to be a friend" and runs to find Alison.

Luke presses Jade for the truth behind her actions but can't get her to admit the truth. Alison is pleased when Matt shows at the hospital and reveals that he was just released from prison.

He convinces her to go for a walk with him so they can talk about all that happened. When she catches Casey spying, Alison orders Matt to kiss her.

Later, Luke stuns Alison with the revelation that Casey never knew about the meeting. After Paul assures Barbara that Meg still loves him and wants to be with him, Meg arrives and blasts him for what he did to Dusty.

Defending his actions, Paul insists that he would do anything to protect his family. Angry, she reponds that she's asked her attorney to speed up the divorce and has asked for limited custody for Paul.

When he reminds her that he is Eliza's father, Meg insists they aren't a family. Staring at her, he boasts that he knew she was betraying him.

After she leaves, Paul asks Barbara to convince Meg to bring the baby to the Lakeview for a visit. Meg agrees but Dusty calls it a mistake.

As Meg and Barbara chat, the lights go out in the lounge and when they come back on, Eliza is missing. Meanwhile, Paul leaves with the baby. Emily happily gives Jade a check for helping her keep Casey away from Alison.

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