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Craig brings Carly some unlabeled cans of vodka drinks to taste test. She explains she's meeting Jack for a school conference.

As Carly heads out, Liberty and Parker find the cans in the door of the fridge and remark how great tasting these "generic" sodas are.

Before they leave, Liberty suggests they drink two more.

After Janet urges Jack not to chastise Carly if she's late again, the two meet their daughter's teacher to discuss recent problems.

Afterwards, Carly blames herself for the problems at school but Jack defends her attempts to start a business. Craig enlists Janet's help convincing Jack to back off from Carly's business life.

When Craig finds the teens drunk and kissing, he takes Liberty to Janet at the diner and then brings Parker home.

Jack catches him there but Craig covers and later warns Carly what happened. Carly rushes to the diner and pleads with Janet not to tell Jack about the mistake.

Jack boasts to Janet that things are getting better with his ex.

Carly reconsiders getting into the booze business and mentions to Craig that her abusive father was an alcoholic.

Craig insists they can handle it. Covering for an appointment with the fertility doctor, Katie lies to Brad that she's shooting some TV promos and can't have lunch.

While Katie talks with her doctor about the consequences of the shot he gave her, Brad stops by WOAK and learns there was no promo shoot scheduled.

He confronts Katie and catches her in the lie and then another one.

But as she considers what to do, he mistakenly thinks that she's planning a surprise for his birthday so she runs with the idea.

Later, Katie feels a stomach pain.

At the hospital, Katie asks her doctor not to tell Brad about the fertility shots and assures her husband that she's fine.

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