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Brad's upset when the WOAK cameraman and sound man enter their bedroom. Brad instructs them to knock next time and then complains to Katie.

Josie's disgusted to wake and find Paul has taken her cellphone battery and blasts him for kidnaping his daughter.

Refusing to call it that, Paul convinces her to give him a week to be Eliza's father.

Holden and Lily argue about Dusty's involvement with Meg.

Lily stands up for Dusty but he runs out and barges into Dusty's room at the Lakeview. He reassures Meg that she can stay with him and Lily.

Meg insists she'll be fine but when Holden and Dusty start arguing, she decides to go to the farm with Holden.

While Holden and Meg argue, Lily stops by Dusty's room and assures him that he's not to blame for Meg's trouble. He agrees to stay away.

Later, Josie calls and assures him that Eliza is fine. She asks him to be patient and promises that Paul will bring back the baby.

Dusty hurries to the farm where he reveals the phone call.

Holden blasts him for not calling the police first but Dusty explains he wanted Meg to know first. Holden quickly calls Jack with the news.

Paul's upset to discover that Josie called Dusty but she assures him she only said that the baby was fine.

Though Vienna is thrilled when Katie confirms that she and Brad are trying to have a baby, Henry points out the numerous negative aspects of having children.

Seeing them hiding from the reality show crew, Henry and Vienna offer to pose as the babymakers and lure them out of the Lakeview so that Katie and Brad can have sex in the hotel room.

After they two-man crew leaves Brad and Katie's place, Vienna becomes somber when Henry again states that he doesn't want children. She decides to find a man who will.

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