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The cops have no leads on Eliza, frustrating Dusty. Holden orders Dusty to back off, saying it's none of his business.

Alone with Meg, Holden tells her that Dusty brings out the worst in Paul so it's better if she has nothing to do with Paul.

Meg returns to Dusty who reports that Josie's car was found in Brooklyn.

She convinces him not to go to New York but he heads to the airport anyway. When a security guard finds Paul, Josie and the baby at the TV studio, he forces them to leave.

Paul panics when they can't find the car.

Josie figures out the car was towed so he blames her for the trouble they're in. She announces it's time to go back to Oakdale and he agrees.

After calling a relieved Meg, Paul hands Josie his money and urges her to get on with her life while he takes Eliza home.

Dusty surprises Josie at the auto pound. Paul stops at an ATM to get more money but as he does so, a car-jacker bashes him with a baseball bat and steals his rental car which has Eliza in the back.

Finding them arguing in the hospital corridor, Matt tells Casey in front of Alison that the kiss in the park was for Casey's sake.

Casey insists they go to the roof to chat and as they do, Jade arrives.

Matt manages to keep her away from Casey so that he has a chance being with Alison. Up on the roof, Alison points out to Casey how she doesn't think she can be the girlfriend he wants in a relationship.

As their discussion heats up and Casey confesses he wants to have sex with her. Offering this as proof, Alison decides that they can only be friends.

Denying that he's mad at her, Casey warns Alison that he doesn't need anymore friends and leaves.

Matt later comforts her while Jade joins Casey in a game of "Rock Star."

Luke surprises Noah with a listing for an apartment for them. When he claims he's not ready, Luke complains that Noah stymies any spontaneous efforts.

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