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Thanking Josie for bringing Johnny a book, Dusty assures Josie he'll see her later. Hoping to end their differences, Lucinda tells Luke it's over.

After he leaves, Jade lashes out at Lucinda for failing to see how much pain Luke is in and suggests that it's her fault that Luke and Noah are no longer together.

Taking her advice, Lucinda talks up Luke to Noah and asks him to give their relationship another chance. Later, when Jade stops by, Noah blasts her for siccing Lucinda on him.

He insists that he's done with Luke but she and Casey push Luke and Noah together where they reconcile.

Reminding him Lucy asked her not to tell anyone, Alison asks Dusty if he can forgive her for not telling him Johnny was back.

When Tom brings her the divorce documents, Meg expresses her concern because of Paul's current condition but insists she's not going to change her mind about the divorce.

Paul seeks Josie's help convincing Meg that "he's better." She escorts him out to the farm where Meg, at first, orders him to stay away from Eliza.

Eventually, she allows him to see the baby but then calls Dusty. Paul finds the divorce papers and claims he understands when she explains that she's requesting full custody.

Dusty's arrival causes Josie to take Paul away but Meg asks him to take the papers with him. Dusty tells Meg that Paul is dangerous.

Tom warns Casey that getting involved with Alison would be a terrible mistake. Armed with tickets to an AC/DC concert in Chicago, Alison wants to invite Casey but sees Jade with him and changes her mind.

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