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Brian finds Lucinda shredding his things at the Worldwide office. She's ridding herself of everything about him.

Brian tries to convince her that his feelings for her were real but she kicks him out and calls Luke with a warning.

Noah encourages Luke to go help her.

After he leaves, Brian shows and assures Noah that he's happy he and Luke are back together so he can "end things right."

Worried about him, Noah follows Brian back to his room at the Lakeview where Brian eyes a bottle of pills.

Luke explains to Lucinda why he didn't tell her about Brian and the two get past their problems.

When Noah calls, Luke heads out, warning Lucinda she should go too.

Forcing him to let them inside, Brian downplays their concern but Luke finds the pills and asks if this is how he's going to solve his problems.

Lucinda arrives as an emotional Brian finally admits that he's gay. Later, hearing he's going to a therapist in Chicago, Lucinda tells him not to worry about her.

As they argue about whether their time together in bed meant anything, Casey discovers that Alison didn't invite him to the AC/DC concert in Chicago last night because she didn't want him to misinterpret the offer.

Told how his past is affecting their relationship, Lily encourages Bonnie not to give up on being with Derek.

Grabbing and tying up Derek, a recently escaped Robby calls Jade and demands that she come to Metro or Derek will die.

Curious, Casey follows her to Metro where he is held at gunpoint as well.

As Robby threatens to kill Jade for betraying him, Casey uses his cellphone to send Margo a text for help. When Derek argues with him, Robby shoots him and then takes aim at Jade but Casey jumps in to save her life.

After surgery, Derek is okay and decides to be tested to see if he is Jade's father. Alison and Casey almost kiss but Jade interrupts.

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