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Brad and Katie have make up sex on the living room floor. After he leaves, Margo arrives with the news that Craig is marrying Carly.

When Katie asks Brad to accompany her to the wedding, he refuses to go and asks her not to go either.

She reminds him that Craig is her brother but he points out she should be concentrating on them starting a family.

Touched by his new desire to have children, Katie agrees to skip the wedding.

Hearing that Lily might have given Craig the idea to wed, Holden rushes to warn Carly that she can't marry Craig.

She accuses him of being unable to see her marry another man.

Carly tries to get Parker to be accepting of his decision to marry Craig and claims that Sage will be back home within the week.

Craig later confronts Parker and convinces him to get his sister to change her mind about their mom's choice of husbands.

Carly is surprised when Sage and Parker both tell her they support her if she truly wants to get married. Calling him the best friend he's ever had, Craig asks Parker to be his best man.

After he accepts, Carly convinces Sage to be her maid of honor.

At the Lakeview, Craig welcomes Lily and Holden to his wedding but, failing to see the bride, Lily wonders if Carly might have cold feet.

When the bride does arrive, Craig presents her with a special gift.

As the ceremony begins, Carly begins to have second thoughts as she stares at the sad faces on her children and then spots Jack slip in to witness the ceremony.

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