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Henry enjoys signing copies of his new book at the diner. Mr. Peacock asks for five copies but wants Vienna to sign them.

Seeing Casey peeking in through the window, Vienna brings Maddie's "boyfriend" to her.

Told she heard him in bed at the Lakeview with Alison, Casey denies that he slept with Alison but does admit that he has feelings for her.

Katie covers when Craig finds her at the hospital waiting for her "procedure." Out in the hall, Alison quickly hides Lucy, Johnny and Dusty and then escorts Craig away for a blood test.

Surprised to hear Lucy wants her to donate the bone marrow today, Katie refuses until she's had a chance to talk with Brad.

Later, Katie seeks Brad's help taking Craig to lunch so he won't find out about Johnny. But once they sit, Brad angrily orders him to stay away from his wife.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Dusty argue about what's best for Johnny. She convinces him to take her with the boy to Chicago for his bone marrow transplant.

A guilt-ridden Katie tells Craig she knows where Johnny is.

Finding Alison on a swing at the park, Casey advises her that Maddie's no longer interested in him after hearing them together at the Lakeview.

He considers admitting his feelings for her but then changes his mind.

She runs to assures Maddie that they are just friends but Maddie explains that Casey told her he had a "thing" for Alison.

Alison accuses Casey of using her to end things with Maddie. He denies it but then refuses to acknowledge his feelings.

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As the World Turns
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