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Craig calls Jack to tell him Carly is missing. This leads to an argument between Jack and Janet. She wants him to call missing persons.

Rosanna updates Parker about Craig taking Carly someplace.

Craig catches Carly and announces that he can't help her so he's taking her to a treatment center.

Pleading with him not to take her anywhere, she cries that he doesn't love her and asks him to have sex with her to prove he cares about her.

Rosanna arrives and though she's relieve to see a passed-out Carly is back at home, she's not happy to hear about her drinking.

Carly wakes and is upset when Jack accompanies Parker to the house. When Janet arrives, Carly lashes out at them all and tries to leave.

Parker blocks her way and warns that if she leaves, she will never see her children again. After more arguing, Carly agrees to go with Craig to rehab.

Casey argues with his mother about telling Tom that Riley is really Adam. She reminds him she can't do that because Tom would be "duty-bound" to turn him in to the police.

Casey once again agrees not to tell anyone so she urges him to give his brother another chance so they can be a family again. Alison and Hunter advise Riley that Hunter is her brother.

Riley urges Alison not to give up on Casey and suggests she tell him she's related to Hunter.

Instead, Riley gives Casey the shocking news and calls him on it when he claims this doesn't change anything between him and Alison.

But when he goes to see Alison, they get into another argument. Back at home, he tells Margo that Riley is to blame for his problems.

Riley urges Alison not to give up on Casey.

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