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Noah complains about not being able to finish a project in time to graduate. Luke pulls out a script he wrote last year and offers it.

Noah runs to his advisor, seeking approval at this late date.

Mason downplays the script and when he learns his boyfriend wrote it, he urges Noah to write his own.

Noah hands him a paragraph he wrote and Mason calls it the "seed to a great film," offering to help him write a script.

Lily confirms to Meg and Emma that Paul planned and arranged to have Dusty and Damian do battle. Emma warns her to stay away from Paul and let Damian and Dusty deal with him.

Instead, Meg runs to Paul and in front of Barbara, blasts him for scheming against her friends. Paul plays dumb but she announces that he forced her hand and will never trust him again.

As she leaves, Meg warns that she will do what she has to do to keep her daughter safe from him. Damian advises Dusty that he has arranged for his demolition expert to help with their plans.

After Dusty calls Paul to the Grimaldi warehouse for a meeting, he takes instructions from the demolition man about how to start and stop the bomb.

Damian leaks to Meg about framing Paul with a bomb and explains that he's backing out of this crazy idea so "the authorities" can handle Paul.

Damian interrupts Paul and Dusty as they face off. As they argue, Meg arrives and blasts Damian and Dusty for doing this.

When Dusty realizes he can't shut off the bomb, Paul grabs the briefcase and rushes upstairs into another room where it explodes. Barbara approaches Emma in hopes that she can stop Meg from removing Eliza from Paul's life.

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