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Casey gets a letter reinstating him for the Fall semester. Riley offers to help Margo plan a surprise party for his brother.

He finds Alison at the Java after she refused to talk with Casey and realizes that he was going to tell her his good news.

Riley finds out what happened and urges her to come to the party so that Casey can apologize for their past problems.

Hunter's not happy to see Larry when he stops by the newspaper office. Emily orders him to get out but instead, he hands Hunter the music box that his mother loved.

Emily then orders him to get out but Larry leaves only after Hunter mumbles that it's what he wants. Hunter runs to find Alison to talk about their father.

Hearing about the party, Hunter pushes her not to attend, telling his sister that she doesn't owe Casey anything.

When he can't change her mind, Hunter insists on going with her.

Casey runs out after being surprised but returns after Margo convinces him how proud of him they all are. After Casey's apology enables him and Alison to reunite, Hunter senses they're getting back together and tries to order her to leave with him.

Alison meekly stands up to him so Hunter exits. Tom's concerned when Margo boasts that she told Riley he can stay with them as long as he wants.

When Bob asks her to send in the next patient, Alison worries about the request but Bob claims he was just joking.

Later, Kim catches Bob calling her Lisa though he denies it.

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