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Meg is embarrassed to find Emily and Paul together. Paul asks her to stay. Emily boasts to Meg about how great the sex was.

She thanks Paul for helping Dusty.

Confirming all the terrible things he's done in the past, Paul reveals that he has no intention of having the surgery to get his memory back.

Meg's upset that he doesn't want to remember their daughter.

Later, hearing Emily's lost everything now that she's out of work, Paul hands her a blank check. Insisting she won't have sex for money, Emily accepts the money when he calls it help to get her back on her feet.

Finding him talking with his wife, Brad lashes out at Henry for costing him his job too. He explains that Kim won't bring him back to the show until he finds a co-host.

The two approach Kim about re-hiring Vienna back but she guesses that the audience no longer trusts anything she says.

Watching two fans of Geneva talk up Henry as someone who speaks their language while transcending gender, Kim realizes that he would be a good replacement for the show.

Henry considers co-hosting with Brad but backs off when Brad reminds him he would never win Vienna back. Finding flowers at the hotel suite, Henry calls Brad and guesses that Vienna is coming back home.

However, when he hears someone at the door, Henry's shocked to find his mother there.

Holden and Lucinda interrupt Damian and Lily in close conversation and ask Damian to withdraw his job offer so Luke can come work for Lucinda.

Lily reminds them that this is Luke's decision to make. When Damian runs out after hearing that Meg needs him, Lily chastises Holden who considers going to the farm to order Damian to stay away from her.

At the farm, Meg and Damian end up kissing.

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