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Catching her sister snooping in the kitchen, Rosanna holds out the bottle of vodka. She then asks if this is what she's looking for.

Admitting she hid it in the oven, Carly insists that she has stopped drinking but invites her to join her in a final, pre-nuptial cocktail.

Rosanna pulls out all the other empty bottles she found and forces her sister to confirm that she is still drinking.

Hearing Craig arrive, Carly demands that Rosanna not tell him.

Sent to bring a gift to Margo in thanks for allowing them to use her house today, Craig surprises her with a photo of Adam and talks about how painful it is to lose a child.

Back at the house, Rosanna continues to warn Carly that her drinking is not good and signals no future for any relationship.

Though Carly proudly vows that she is not an alcoholic, Rosanna dumps out the many bottles and tells her sister that this is who she is now.

Liberty and Parker discuss whether they can be friends.

Jack pulls Craig outside and admits that he's wrong about him when it comes to Carly. Surprised, Craig assures him that he will take care of his children.

While Rosanna warns Craig that Carly is drinking again, Carly hops into the limo she ordered and pours herself a drink.

She arrives at the Hughes' house and overhears Rosanna warns Craig that Carly needs help.

Later, Parker guesses Carly's not coming, unaware that she has left in the limo.

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