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Liberty leaves for the senior prom with her friend MacKenzie. She is relieved Parker won't be there because he quit school.

Catching Parker in a tuxedo as he leaves his house, Craig warns an unsuspecting Carly that he's not going bowling as he claimed but is actually on his way to the prom.

When the principal stops him before he can enter because he's no longer a student there, Parker makes his way into the dance by convincing his buddy Nick to take him as his "date."

Unaware she took another swig of vodka, Craig brings Carly to the dance. Seeing him spying on Liberty, Craig privately warns Parker to get out for fear of alienating Liberty.

Though he promises to leave on his own, Parker can't help himself when he sees Liberty dancing with another boy and challenges him to a fight.

Craig stops them and Janet warns Carly that Parker is becoming a stalker. She also points out Carly's lack of parenting skills.

The prom ruined, Liberty asks Janet to take her home. At the farm later, Parker apologizes to Liberty who is still angry with him.

When their "talent" fails to show for today's taping, Vienna and Brad call Henry to play the waiter during a session on how to romance a woman.

Henry can't help but act on his jealousy as Brad "woos" her.

Kim starts them again for the live airing but Henry s theatrics and Brad's reaction turns the advice segment into a slapstick misadventure.

Kim congratulates Vienna on how she handled things but blasts Brad and Henry for fighting. Later, she calls to apologize and boasts of the calls in favor of Vienna and Brad.

Katie's concerned when Brad hurries to call Vienna with the news.

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