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Alison tells Hunter that he helped her out with Casey and wants him to attend a barbecue. Jade guesses Casey and Alison had sex.

On his way to the barbecue, Hunter runs into Jade who explains that he helped Alison and Casey get over "the hump."

She convinces him to bring her to the barbecue as his date.

Once she's alone with Alison, she assures her that she doesn't have a problem with her and Casey "hooking up" because she and Casey are just friends.

Margo worries when she gets a package from Kabul, Afghanistan and then finds Adam's sweater and wallet in it.

They meet a man who explains that Adam was killed by a suicide bomber while helping to distribute food and medical supplies in Kabul.

As the barbecue gets underway, Margo and Tom return home and explain that they have news about Adam.

Casey is upset that Adam's interfering again but Tom stuns him with the revelation that Adam is dead.

Overhearing him on the phone with someone secretly arranging to meet at Al's, Katie is a wreck when she thinks that Brad is having an affair.

She calls Vienna to the Java where she laments what Brad is doing to her. Vienna insists that she go confront Brad and when she refuses, Vienna vows to prove Katie's wrong.

At the diner, Vienna can't believe it as she watches Brad present Gina with a bracelet and calls it beautiful like her.

Shocked, Vienna runs to Katie and confirms her worst fear. When Katie won't tell Brad she's pregnant, the two decide to go away together.

After Vienna updates him, Henry finds Brad at home and punches him.

Brad explains that Gina is pregnant and has agreed to let them adopt her baby. Henry arranges for them to meet and Brad leaks his secret while Katie spills hers.

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