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Tom explains to Casey that Margo wants the three of them at Adam's memorial service. Casey wonders who is going to say something good about Adam.

Alison advises Luke and Noah about Adam's death and the private service today. Noah suggests they crash the memorial for Casey's sake.

When they arrive at the church, Casey is grateful for their presence.

All are surprised when Sergeant Riley Morgan arrives to say a few words on behalf of the Adam he knew in Afghanistan.

He tells the family members how it seemed to him that Adam was trying to rebuild his life by helping others in Kabul.

After the family thanks him, Margo invites them all back to the house and insists that Riley come too. There, a guilt-ridden Casey tells Alison that he and Will ordered Adam to get out of town and never come back.

Margo invites Riley to stay in Adam's bedroom tonight but Tom urges her not to extend the invitation but that's what she does later.

Reminded of his own experience with the military, Noah listens as Luke urges him to do a film about his father.

Bonnie stops by the farm stand where she notices the baby but fails to see Paul who is hiding. As she wonders if the baby might be Eliza, she's told that it's Edna's granddaughter.

Dusty approaches Len, the local cop who is smitten by Rosanna and asks him to help him find Eliza.

Len later complains to Rosanna about the rude guy.

After seeing Dusty, Rosanna warns Paul he's close and urges him to return to Oakdale but he refuses.

When Len brings them a photo of Eliza from the Oakdale PD, Bonnie insists it's the same baby she saw at the farm stand.

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