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Dusty tells Bonnie he's hoping that they can start over. Tom reports to Riley and Casey that Col. Mayer has been arrested. Noah is safe.

Finding Riley holding Margo's hand, Casey tells them both that he's not sure what he's going to do about Riley's secret.

She asks him for some time with her son and promises that one day, they will reveal he's Adam. Casey then agrees to keep the secret.

Damian confides to Meg about the anguish he suffers knowing all the pain he's caused his own son. As she comforts him with a hug, she spots Dusty spying from outside the farm kitchen.

She rushes out to confront Dusty and accuses him of stalking her. She tries to explain what she wants from him but when he interrupts with a request to choose between him or Damian, she announces it's over.

After Dusty walks out, Damian finds her upset and tries to sympathize with her by badmouthing Dusty. She stops him and asks him instead to "stand by" and not pressure her.

Paul witnesses Damian urging Dusty to respect Meg's wishes and leave her alone. Paul rushes to the farm where he finds Meg upset about ending things permanently with Dusty.

He later appears at the docks and claims to be working for Dusty. He cuts a fuel line on one of Damian's ships. When Damian is told that one of Dusty's employees is responsible, he confronts Dusty in front of Meg and blasts him as a nearby Paul smirks and then offers to take Meg away from the noisy scene.

Damian vows to get even with him.

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