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Dusty is furious when Meg says she gave Paul permission to leave town with Eliza. He then presses Rosanna to confirm he kidnaped the baby.

Tired of this, Jack sends everyone home, telling Paul he is free to go.

Dusty warns Meg about the danger Paul is but Damian offers to take Meg home while Bonnie urges Dusty to back off and "let it go."

Instead, Dusty hurries out to the farm where he finds Damian holding Eliza.

He presses Meg to again press charges against Paul but Damian orders him to leave her alone. Paul tells his mother that he now knows that Meg will never love him again.

Sensing he's changed, Barbara asks who he ran into and he reveals that Rosanna is back in town. After deciding she should stay in town, Rosanna asks Jack if he thinks Carly would have anything to do with her.

Craig's impressed when he looks through the portfolio Carly designed for the vitamin water project. Handing her a big check, Craig invites her to be an equal partner but Carly isn't interested and kicks him out.

He sticks around to defend his idea. Jack calls about Rosanna so Carly hurries to the station house where Carly is reunited with her sister.

But as they catch up, Rosanna is outraged to hear that a judge appointed Craig as controller of Parker's trust fund.

Admitting she's broke, Rosanna tells Carly she won't touch the fund she set up for Parker. Carly has a drink and then heads home where she advises Craig that she wants nothing to do with him.

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