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Tom watches Margo grow closer to Riley. He confides to Casey about his concern and his son agrees.

Hearing Riley was a sound engineer in the army, Noah enlists him to help with today's filming while Tom sends Casey with them too.

Tom talks with Margo about how she acts around Riley. She assures him that no one can replace Adam and insists she's fine.

Tom denies that she is so and turns to Bob for advice.

He suggests he give Margo time to grieve. Noah interviews Lieutenant Fred Hasbro, who knew Noah's dad and who also served in Afghanistan.

When Fred claims to know someone in Riley's outfit, Riley boasts that he hasn't seen him since he came stateside.

Noah is suspicious to see Riley's nervous reaction but Riley challenges him when he questions him.

Casey calls Tom for help when he finds Margo crying.

Emily is furious when Hunter announces he's got to take the day off and runs out without an explanation.

She calls her sister to find Hunter and when she does, he tells Alison that his mother had a stroke. Revealing she was moved to a nursing home in Chicago, Hunter confesses that he's not sure how he can face this.

Alison offers to accompany him and reminds him she's a nurse.

Thanks to Alison, Hunter visits his mother and reports back to Alison that his mother told him that his father is not the man he thinks.

When Emily admits that she's thinking about "having her tubes untied," she asks her mother to find the eggs she had frozen years ago. Bob reports that the eggs are gone.

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