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Hunter tells Erica she keeps making the same "stupid mistakes" with the new website. She's pissed that he calls her stupid.

Jade is totally against the idea of being set up with the guy from Yo's when Casey invites her to a barbecue.

Alison approaches Hunter at the diner and invites him to Casey's.

He explains it's not a good idea because of how angry Emily is with him. Later, Emily convinces him to take some time off from work and relax at the barbecue.

After he calls Alison, Casey runs back to Jade and bribes her to join them. Alison and Casey work hard to make sure Hunter and Jade have a good time but Hunter can't help but act the geek.

Back at work, Emily confides to Hunter that she donated an egg so that Susan could have Alison which makes her Alison's mother and sister.

Dusty's concerned when Johnny doesn't want to do anything with him.

He takes him to the hospital where he's reluctant to allow Lucy to examine him. Lucy does though and gets through to Johnny.

Pleased to receive notice that he's been granted custody of Johnny again, Craig rushes to the hospital where Lucy chastises both men for upsetting the boy so much he stopped talking.

After Craig heads back to the Lakeview, Lucy convinces Dusty that he needs to do the right thing for Johnny and make a deal with Craig.

But when he brings him the boy and asks to be a part of his life, Craig isn't interested. Hearing what he did, Carly urges Craig to change his mind for his son's sake.

When she hints she might date a guy who would do something like that, Craig tells Dusty to have their lawyers work out the arrangements.

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