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Craig insists on accompanying Carly to an AA meeting. She says he's not in charge of her life.

After they leave, Parker takes some cash from the wallet Craig left behind. At the hospital Craig waits until Carly enters the meeting.

Later, she says goodbye to Duff but explains that the meetings are not really for her.

Craig approaches Parker about being friends again but the teen isn't interested and accuses him of trying to "handle him" to impress Carly.

Parker then lies that he saw his wallet on the desk.

Parker runs out but finds Carly pouring a small bottle of liquor into her coffee. Craig finds his wallet is short $300 and accuses Parker of taking it to buy some new audio gear.

Parker forces his mother to take the blame for fear he'll tell Craig about her spiked coffee. Craig guesses she's lying and when she angrily orders him to get out, he runs to warn Jack.

Hearing how Damian has been helping Meg, Noah suggests that she make a video appeal for the return of her daughter.

With help from Luke and Lily, Damian sends it out to all his business contacts while Noah gets the video aired on "US Tube" in hopes that it will go "viral" and spread everywhere.

Edna spots the video and recognizes Rosanna's friend.

After enjoying his fish pancakes, Mr. Vogel invites Janet to spend four days in Florida, all expenses paid. She runs to tell Jack who sadly claims that he can't go with Eliza missing.

She convinces him to put her first and go on the free vacation. Craig tells Jack about the stolen money.

Jack blasts Carly for covering for Parker but when she denies it, he takes their son to the diner to work off his debt.

Janet realizes this means the trip is off. Ruining his business meeting, Carly orders Craig to stay away from her and her family.

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