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Janet lays into Jack after he admits he's had a couple of beers. Liberty hears them arguing and asks if Jack was drunk when he shot Brad.

They insist he wasn't but Liberty remains upset.

When a frantic Henry stops by the hospital, Alison admits her concern that Katie has not been by to see her baby.

Henry panics when he sees a vision of Brad at the hospital.

Brad reacts with surprise that he can be seen.

Henry tries to "will" away the vision but eventually and reluctantly agrees to go find the notebook he wrote in for Katie.

Margo and then Craig offer Katie a ride to Brad's memorial service but she insists on using a car service.

When Katie tries to prevent Henry from entering her house, he forces his way inside and states that she cannot ignore her baby anymore.

When he finds the notebook Brad mentioned, he opens it and drops it on the floor in disbelief. Katie finds it later.

Amazed by what Brad wrote, Katie stops by the hospital where she breaks down and cries how much she loves her son. Alison is unnerved when she arrives at the church and finds Casey there with Maddie.

Margo is not pleased to see Rosanna with Craig.

Rosanna advises her that they are together and they're not going to apologize for it. Katie arrives at the church and talks about how great her son is.

Jack slips into the church unseen, in time to hear Katie telling everyone she doesn't blame Jack.

She also proudly announces her baby's name is Jacob Bradley Snyder.

Afterwards, Alison watches as Maddie kisses Casey goodbye. Carly arrives at the church and surprises Craig.

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