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Carly accuses Craig of having sex with her sister in rehab. She guesses this has to do with payback because of Mike Kasnoff but he denies it.

The two sisters then get into a screaming match until Carly guesses Craig was never in love with her. As she argues with Craig, she realizes that Parker and Jack both knew about their affair.

Janet confirms Jack knew but then admits that Jack has run off to nurse his wounds after Brad died.

A distraught Jack arrives in Philadelphia and orders a whiskey, telling the bartender that his brother Brad was born there.

Stepping outside, he's shocked to run into Ben Harris who insists on showing him the food pantry he's set up and running in the city.

Later, Jack spots a "jumper" on the top of a building.

He slips past the police and the gathered crowd and confronts the man dressed like Ben Franklin. Jack befriends Irv who shows him the money he stole earlier.

Brad presses Henry to "get on the stick" where Katie is concerned. But when Henry tells Katie that Brad is right behind him, she stares but sees nothing.

Janet gives Teri a hard time about helping Ralph but Teri denies knowing what he was doing. Dusty interrupts so Teri runs out, assuring him she doesn't need him to fight her battles.

After she leaves, Dusty points out to Janet she would have helped Ralph too and urges her not to disown her sister.

Teri later admits to Dusty that he's right about her uncle.

He points out Ralph is a con man who can fool anyone and suggests she not be down on Janet who has her own troubles.

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