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Jack insists he's sorry for all that happened. Just the same, Janet accuses him of being happy that the Liberty's baby is gone.

When she goes too far with her bitterness, however, Janet apologizes, admitting she didn't mean what she said.

Jack leaks Craig and Rosanna's relationship.

Lucinda asks Luke to help with her scheme which will lead Lily to Holden. Lily is not pleased to find Maeve with Holden at the Lakeview bar.

She claims their kids need him but when she explains it's about a Halloween party, he points out it's next week and suggests Lily go back to her husband who is waiting nearby.

Lucinda invites Lily to use a cabin to spend some alone-time with Holden.

Holden apologizes to Maeve for Lily's unkind words and urges her again to return the stolen bank money, offering to repay her with his own money.

Damian boasts to Luke that Lily is now his wife.

Damian later congratulates Maeve on her friendship with Holden.

At the station house, Brad goes ballistic and attacks the man caught with a necklace Brad gave to Katie earlier.

The suspected "tagger" refuses to say anything about the jewelry and is released by the police for lack of evidence.

Brad follows the man and threatens the guy.

Meanwhile, Henry uses his wiles and discovers the name of the warehouse. Ralph surprises Katie in the warehouse and pulls out his gun.

She pleads for her son's life but he announces he's leaving her and the baby. As she asks him to take her baby to the hospital, Brad arrives.

Ralph grabs him but when Jack arrives, shots are fired. Henry holds the baby while Katie mumbles that Brad was there.

Jack later finds Walker on the ground.

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