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As he searches the warehouse, Jack realizes Brad has been shot. Henry stays with Katie and holds the newborn baby. Brad tells Jack that he feels funky.

At the Lakeview, Ralph lies to Teri that he was hurt during something he had nothing to do with. She urges him to go to the hospital for treatment but he insists on handling his own troubles.

At the hospital Margo and Henry are relieved to hear that Katie and the baby will be fine. Henry leaks to Dusty what happened to Katie.

Offering to help, Dusty confronts Teri about her uncle. She denies Ralph had anything to do with Brad's shooting but he claims Henry is a witness to what happened today.

The surgeon advises Jack and Janet that the next few hours will determine if Brad survives the shooting.

Jack stuns Janet with the news about Ralph's mob connections. Boasting that they found the drug she tried to use on Barbara, Margo accuses Audrey of wanting the inheritance money.

Audrey calls Maddie for help and asks her to bring the cop's son with her to help battle the police. Maddie doesn't believe her when Audrey denies trying to kill Barbara and walks out to be with Casey.

Audrey offers to serve up Ralph on a platter if Margo has the charges against her dropped.

Teri urges her uncle to turn himself in but when she starts to call the police, Ralph pulls out his gun. Henry tries to keep Brad's condition secret from Katie but she finds him in his hospital bed.

Audrey demands her share of the inheritance from Henry and promises he won't see her again. Margo assures Jack that the shooting has been determined to be justifiable.

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