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Bob finds Katie in Brad's room and explains he was shot and is in critical condition. Bob assures her he's got his best people watching Brad.

Katie lays her head next to Brad who wakes and asks to see their son. Janet asks Jack why he didn't tell Margo everything about the shooting.

He insists he told her everything that mattered but she challenges him to admit why he didn't tell Margo he was drinking before he went to the warehouse.

Bob calls to report that Brad is awake.

Disgusted when she asks if he cashed the check, Henry blasts his mother for only being concerned about herself. He throws the check at her and tells her never to come back.

But when Audrey tries to leave the hospital, she discovers Margo has assigned a cop to keep an eye on her.

She slips into the bathroom and out a window to make her escape.

Barbara grabs the check but a smug Audrey attacks and runs off with it.

However, Barbara has Margo chase her car to a service station where Audrey is forced to flee without the cash.

As Henry thanks Bob for saving Brad's life and helping Katie deal with the aftereffects of Brad's shooting, they hear warning sounds coming from Brad's room.

While Bob rushes to save Brad, Katie and Henry run to the nursery. Janet and Jack arrive and worry as they watch Bob working inside the room.

Bob eventually emerges and reports that there was nothing he could do to save Brad. Staring at Brad's lifeless body, Jack cries that he killed his own brother.

Thanks to Kim, Henry and Katie are allowed to take the baby out of the NICU but find they are too late.

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