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Holden finds Jack upset at the farm. Craig stops Henry outside Katie's hospital room when he stops by with flowers.

Craig shouts that he's responsible Brad's dead.

After Henry slinks away, Craig and Rosanna are surprised when Katie insists on going home with her son. Katie and Jack meet outside the hospital nursery.

As they both hold back tears, Jack describes how the shooting happened and then confesses that he was the person who shot Brad, not Ralph.

Katie tries to convince him it's not his fault her husband is dead. Catching him with Rosanna again, Jack pulls a gun on Craig as they argue but eventually holsters it after Craig talks him out of his anger.

Henry runs into Barbara and cries about how helpless he feels after all he did. When he admits he gave all the inheritance money to Audrey to get rid of her, Barbara boasts that she has the money.

She also reveals that James' last will was invalid so the money was never really his. Henry approaches "Bubbles" in her hospital room but Katie orders him to get out and never come back.

Admitting she s leaving town to meet Holden and insisting that she can't give him what he needs, Lily tells Damian that their marriage is over and asks him to sign the annulment papers.

Later, hearing from Holden that he's taking the kids away from things for awhile, Damian warns that he's being set up by Lily.

Damian then drives to the cabin where he tells Lily that he leaked her plan to Holden. He argues that he wants her and will do anything to make that happen.

Holden confronts Lucinda who convinces him to hurry to the cabin. But when he arrives, he spies Damian kissing Lily and leaves without interrupting.

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