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Boasting that Lily and Holden are back together, Lucinda presses Maeve to go back to Kentucky. Lily denies to Damian that she wants to be with him.

He counters that her kiss told him otherwise. Lily states that she married Damian because she missed Holden and wanted her grief to end.

Maeve packs her bag and starts to leave her room at the Lakeview only to run into a shattered Holden. As they talk, Maeve sits in his lap and starts kissing him until he pulls back.

While he's in the bathroom, Lily arrives. She finds Maeve there, the unmade bed and assumes the worst. Later, Maeve tells Holden she let Lily think they slept together but he states that Lily's got her own life to live.

When Holden claims they can't be together, Maeve announces that she's leaving. Urging her to go to the hospital nursery, Margo reminds a depressed Katie that she's got a son now who needs her.

Henry calls to report to Margo that Ralph was at the Metro earlier. After Margo leaves, Katie turns on the TV and watches Kim introduce the memorial show about Brad.

She hurries to WOAK and takes over hosting the show, talking to the viewers about Brad. Margo spots Ralph in the Lakeview lobby and orders him to drop his gun.

Dusty grabs Teri to keep her safe but she resents his heroic efforts. Instead, he uses a hostage to make his escape only to end up at Yo's.

There, a shaken Henry who has been watching Katie's show, jumps the man responsible for all of his troubles.

Though Henry knocks the gun away, Ralph punches him but finds Margo has grabbed his gun. After Margo has him taken away, Henry suddenly sees Brad.

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