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Teri and Craig are surprised when Rosanna says she wants Teri to come back to work for her as a nanny. Craig confronts Rosanna who warns him to stay away from her.

Watching Rosanna run out, Teri remarks to Craig how much the two must hate each other. He hurries to see Carly but when he learns he's not on the approved visitor list, he accuses Rosanna of telling Carly they had sex.

She denies it. Craig admits he can't stop thinking about Rosanna and kisses her passionately. Brad stares in disbelief as Janet announces that she and Jack want to raise Liberty's baby.

Jack confirms the idea but Brad states that this is not going to happen. Encouraged by Brad, Teri warns her sister that she'll lose Liberty if she keeps pushing her like this.

As Eb holds a gun at Faith's head, Damian offers him whatever money he wants. Instead, Eb demands to see Lily but Damian lies that she's not home. Hearing Faith scream, Lily runs downstairs and offers Eb all the money he wants.

Damian jumps the gunman allowing Faith to run out. Lily screams at her to go find Jack. During their fight, Damian throws Eb against the brick fireplace and the man falls to the floor, dead from being stabbed with the fireplace poker.

Jack confirms the photo of Eb's wife Maeve matches the bank security camera photo of the woman with the letter from Holden. Locked in the root cellar, Maeve gets a laugh with Holden as she starts burning Skaggs' money.

She states that they are going to die there. Refusing to believe her, Holden grabs a nearby ladder and starts banging it against the padlocked door.

He has success but as the door crashes down, Holden is hit by debris. Damian asks Lily to marry him.

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As the World Turns
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