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Maeve can't rouse Holden and fears that he's dead. She takes him to the hospital where the staff mistakes him for her husband.

When her friend and nurse Renee arrives, Maeve panics when she spots the sheriff in the corridor.

She asks Renee not to tell anyone she's here for fear Eb will find out and come kill her.

Before she runs out, Maeve asks him to take care of Holden because he saved her life. Stunned when Damian proposes marriage, Lily runs from him and asks him how he can ask her to marry him in the same room where a man died only hours earlier.

Damian ignores the question and assures her that he wants only her.

Lily admits that she wants him but claims that she can't marry him because she knows that would be wrong for her family. When Faith and Luke arrive, Lily calls Damian a hero.

Hugging them, he promises to always protect them. Asking her family for advice, Lily gets each of her kids to okay her marrying Damian.

Ethan however states that he wants his daddy to come home.

Damian stops by the farm to update Meg on all that has happened. She vows to stop him from being with Lily, asking him if he arranged Holden's accident. Lily calls Damian back and gives him the good news.

Janet watches in anger as Emily brings Liberty to the diner. In spite of the warning from Teri, Janet asks Liberty to consider allowing her and Jack to adopt her baby.

Astounded by her offer, Liberty points out the many ways this is a bad idea and reminds her that she's decided to give the baby to Paul and Emily.

When Janet won't let up, Liberty tells her mother to go have her own baby. Later, Emily warns Janet to back off from Liberty.

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