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Casey refuses to help when Tom asks what might make Adam snap. Maddie advises Alison that she came back to town.

Thanking her for coming when she called, Alison leaks that she knows what she and Casey did to Adam in the woods. Maddie claims that Adam was never the same and decides she needs to talk with him.

Margo welcomes Maddie back and allows her a few moments with Adam who claims he will soon pay for the terrible things he has done.

Admitting she's been in therapy, Maddie tells Adam that she hit him because she thought he was raping Gwyn like she was attacked.

Adam counters that he wasn't himself but she claims that's because of what she and Gwyn did to him. Casey is outraged to see them together but Tom tells him that Maddie knows what she is doing.

Maddie tells him that she and Gwyn are not pressing charges but Casey won't stop complaining. After Adam decides to plead not guilty, Tom swings a deal for his son.

Lily helps Damian dress as he is released from the hospital. When she takes him back to his hotel suite, Damian tells Lily that it looks like someone searched his place and took some important papers.

When she asks about them, Damian lies that he sent copies of Holden's papers to the lab. She starts crying over the "lost" originals but then invites him to move in with her. Damian claims he can't.

Though Luke downplays his decision not to call him about all that has happened, Noah insists that he is upset and adds that he doesn't know where he fits in his life anymore.

Mason offers to spend the evening cheering up Noah until he finds he and Luke have reconciled.

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