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After injecting James, Audrey watches him collapse to the floor, waits a few seconds and then starts crying hysterically as she reaches out to Henry.

As he checks for a pulse, Audrey slips the empty syringe into Henry's coat pocket.

As the EMTs rush James to the hospital, Audrey runs back to the Lakeview where she sets free James' attorney as Barbara watches.

Barbara guesses that Audrey is trying to stop James from changing his will to favor Paul. Vienna joins Henry at the hospital where the ER doctor pronounces James died from cardiac arrest.

Henry finds the syringe and guesses that Audrey is trying to set him up for murder. In bed, Paul presses Emily to accept his marriage proposal.

Barbara interrupts and warns her son about Audrey.

They hurry to the hospital where Paul confirms that James is finally dead. At the clinic in Chicago, Janet forces her way past an attendant and finds Liberty with a doctor in the backroom.

Liberty demands to speak to her mother and reveals that she is pregnant but not with Parker's child. She complains about the loser from her school and insists that she have an abortion.

Instead, Janet asks her to come home so they can talk about it.

At the farm later, Janet blasts her sister for failing to tell her and argues that abortion is never an answer, especially for her daughter.

Teri asks if she's going to force her daughter to have the baby which leads to an argument about Janet's decision to have Liberty years ago.

Craig confides to Rosanna about keeping Liberty's secret and stuns her with the news that Parker's not the father.

As she apologizes for mistaking his actions, Craig asks her to consider rehiring Teri.

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