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Kelly and Pablo happen upon Dead Amanda and the dual Ashes. Only the real Ash prompts them to shoot them both.

Just as they're getting ready to chainsaw up Amanda to ensure she didn't return all Deadite like, the hikers come up.

Keeping up the strange factor, they have no problem at all staying with three blokes covered in blood acting all skeevy.

Ash will slice and dice while Pablo and Kelly will show them out of the woods.

Good news is the young blonde gal tells Pablo Kelly warned her off him by saying he had a girlfriend.

Back at the cabin, Ash is chopping himself up when the Necromonicon starts chatting with him. "Use me!" Superman or stockboy? The thing has a point. He's never going to be president or get rich.

While Ash wasn't paying attention, Amanda turned deadite.

She wanders out into the woods to mess with the hikers.

Two of them end up dead and hot Heather has a broken leg before Ruby leaps in. Amanda still escapes, but Ruby is angry to see Ash in the family's house.

What she wants is for Ash to use the Kandarian dagger to rip the face off of the Necromonican. The book ain't happy to have it happen, that's for sure. It's gooey and gross.

Presenting the book to Ruby seems like one hell of a mistake. As if the book should have warned her. Jefe lets her carry his load, and she begins an incantation. Uh oh.

The face comes up off the floor and jumps right onto Pablo's face like The Mask.


Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Ruby: You put a chainsaw on your stump? Congratulations.
Ash: It's a lot harder than it looks. How many other people you know have a funtioning chainsaw on their arm?

Chopping up my evil clone. Maybe someday that will feel weird.