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Ash is strapping on...his waist cincher! Brilliant closeup.

Ash is going on a date, at least it seems that way when he tells Eli not to wait up for daddy. He gets to a bar ten minutes before close, orders a Moscow Mule and two drinks for a lonely lady. It's been 30 years ago this day since he saved the boy on the tracks of the train. It calls for celebration. Sex in the bathroom. While having sex, the woman turns into a demony thing. Ash is a tad confused.

Ash gets home and looks at his book of the Evil Dead. There's a baggie inside. How did that get in there? Uh oh. Looks like he did something he shouldn't have and awoke the dead!

Cops are at a house in the woods. It's been entered illegally. Electricity is off. Looks like a party occurred inside and the dead girl inside confirms it, but she looks like she died scared. The female officer calls for the Carson, John...no answer. He's pointing his rifle at a moving rocking chair, empty. Something's not right here. There is a woman in the room with a sheet over her head. She has the tattoo around her wrist that the woman did ho was with Ash...she turns her head round backwards and talks to the woman. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Ouch! She stabs her clean through the hand with some scissors and doesn't just pull them back out. That hurts! A gun doesn't take the creature down, but a shotgun blast to the side of the head does, for a few seconds. Watching the body walk backwards is amazingly fun.

There is a knocking outside. Carson's body is gone from the antlers. Where the hell is he? Oh, walking across the ceiling. The being has obviously transferred from the chick to him. No idea who the lady is, still. Carson was shot and is crying. His appeal not to shoot, that he needs her, with the romantic type music, was hilarious. I need you...to die. Oh, oh...ha ha haha haaaaaa! She doesn't think it's all that funny, and blows his damned head off.

Ash has a card for Lionel Hawkins from Booksfrombeyond.com. He came in several years ago and mumbles that he may need some help translating that. He asks his neighbor Vivian if she'd tidy up while he's gone. Only some light cleaning, he says, handing her some black rubber gloves. The wind that picks up after he turns around is a good indication that things aren't right. WHO'S BEHIND THE SHEET??? Uh oh. She's one of THEM.

Ash gets to work and asks for his paycheck early to help his friend Eli. His boss essentially tells him to get lost and stock some lightbulbs, but not break them. Ash immediately breaks them, stomping them all in the meantime. Pablo says there's no way he can quit because he's the coolest thing about this place. Plus, he just got his upstairs neighbor hired. Ash wonders where he is. She's over there. Sweet Jesus, she's filthy. Ash loves her, hits on her. He even manages to compliment her mother while insulting her at the same time. Dropping a bomb like that on someone you just met is downright rude, but she's young. Kelly tells him if he touches her again, he'll need another wooden hand. In the place of his wooden hand or his real hand?

Weirdly enough, it looks like Carson is back on the beat. Amanda is getting coffee at a coffee house when he comes in and she is chatting with the waiter about clearing a psych eval, etc. She sees a monster girl. There's Lucy Lawless! She tells Amanda that what you saw is sometimes exactly what you saw.

At work, Ash hears little girls giggling. He realizes it's the dolls. Up close one jumps out of the box and latches onto his face. It's awesome. She's cutely terrorizing until she grabs a box cutter. Screaming "I hate you" as she runs for Ash, Pablo squashes her like a bug.

Ash reveals to Pablo about the Book of the Dead and a little bit of the original movie plays across the boxes of the warehouse behind them. It's so well done. He doesn't mention the sequels, though. Maybe that will come later. Pablo heard stories from his uncle, including that a man would rise up to fight it. Pablo is sure it's him. Ash wants it to choose someone else now, even though it's happening all round him.

I love that Ash is still driving the same car.

Kelly gets a video call from her dad. His mother is there. But she died six months ago. It looks like he lives in the spot of the original movie. Can that possibly be?

There is one hell of a storm brewing.

Amanda revisits the scene of the crime. She sees a piece of Carson's shirt on the chandelier. It did happen.

The tooth the baby doll broke was part of a set of dentures which Ash replaces wit a gigantic smile when Pablo and Kelly arrive. When she's being grabbed by a thing through the window, Ash finally springs into action, tossing an ax at the arm. I would have shit my pants. Kelly screams for it to please leave them alone. Both her and Pablo are surprised at the new man before them. He wishes he could have hid, but knows he can't any longer. He's awfully quippy, and eventually goes for his chainsaw. But Vivian is in there. Viv has Kelly and Pablo kicks the chainsaw over toward him, and Ash jumps into it, quips his way into slicing off Vivian's head.

El jefe is back. Groovy.

Come along if you can! The rock music really makes all the difference for this one.

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