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The new gang arrives at the ... where the hell are they? It's not the Cabin, that's for sure. It looks like a military camp. Ash's buddy from the diner is dying there. Military (or from the description, survivalists) come up thinking he's one of those THINGS and blow his head off.

Ummm. Maybe that wasn't the guy from the diner. Lem, Ash's friend, is on the roof tearing people apart. Whoops. 

One of the gun wielding fellows recognizes Amanda from when he was in lockup. He's not happy. Paranoid, more like it. 

Ash and Amanda are tossed down a trash shoot or something while handcuffed together. They get to know each other a bit, and Amanda shares what little she knows about Ruby, which is wrong. Ruby, meanwhile, is rising naked from the fire pit, jewelry intact.

At least Amanda apologized for misreading Ash. That was nice.

Lem, dirty, disgusting Lem, tosses some kerosene onto Ash and Amanda, along with a match.

Pablo is jealous of Kelly and her confidence in picking her weapon of choice. She knew she wanted a flamethrower. He wonders if he's an ax guy or maybe a rusty chain guy. Using out the phrase doesn't work for him.

They try to trap a couple of survivalists. It doesn't work.

Ruby gets back to her car. She has a really cool knife tucked inside her glove compartment.

Kelly and Pablo have one hell of a scene with one of the survivalists. OMG. The Blood! The Gore!

Amanda plays the damsel in distress to pull Lem over into their generally distressed area. It works. They work well together, and hey, she actually falls for his charms. For real.

Pablo's quest for a weapon continues. 

Everyone is happy. Ash tells them he loves them all, essentially, and to keep staying alive. Then he disappears. The hand is already at the cabin.

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

What's out there knows you're alive, and it wants you to be unalive.


That's right. We're not leaving a trail of blood and guts behind us, we're keeping Michigan moist.