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Ruby and Amanda get to the Brujo's just as Ash and friends are pulling away. Son of a bitch!

Ruby is alone in the house as the a demon comes speeding up. The real surprise, though, is when a skeleton crawls out of the flames, argues with Ruby and sucks her back into the flames with it. Hmmm.

Ash thinks he needs to go back to the place it all started. The cabin. He tries to shake Pablo and Kelly, but they want to get their own vengeance, thank you very much.

Pablo tells Kelly when she was possessed, she tried to fuck him and kill him. It was confusing. It's even more confusing for him because he wishes it was at least a part of her.

When Ash gets back to the table, they argue over who is getting the check. Really? Amanda is outside calling her captain. He can get Ash.

Pablo tells Kelly she tried to get him to smoke weed out of a shotgun. She thinks that's pretty awesome and wonders if he turned her down. Pablo wonders how she really feels about him. Sweet, pure and how could she ever twist that...

The necklace on Pablo's chest starts do dance around when he sits on the trunk. The Necromonicon has a serious beef with his uncles necklace. They open the trunk and it opens to a specific page. 

Ash is back at the restaurant talking to the waitress, Nancy, about his extra sensitive left hand and its ability to make sweet love, much more than his ability to pay $22 some odd for the check. He can really string her racquet. They can meet in the bathroom on the down low since her husband is the cook. Oh brother.

Pablo realizes Kelly wants to keep the book around so more deadites can come around so she can keep killing them. Pablo yoda quotes her.

Amanda cocks her gun, intent on getting Ash, although I still have no idea why. When Ash thinks the waitress is coming in, it's Amanda instead. A little struggle ensues. She's surprisingly tough. She arrests him, for "real" this time.

As Ash is saying they really can't arrest him because he's the only one who knows how to fight deadites or demons or whatever...they make a sound play for the restaurant, turning Amanda's boss into a deadite. Exactly how Amanda will spin it into Ash's fault should be interesting to see.

There was a little boy fighting in the bathroom who winds up dead, spinning from the ceiling fan. Whoopsies. 

Kelly and Pablo roll in with Ash's chainsaw and shotgun and he gets to do some great work in front of Amanda with his cohorts pulling out some saves, as well. 

Head on the meat grinder, a little tenderizer. 

Meanwhile, out in the woods, Ash's old buddy is about to get accosted by something. Did Lem really not know about Ash? Poor bastard. 

Finally!! Amanda is a part of the team. There's a point. And Ash even has a crush on her. Let's boogie!

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ash, if I was a deadite, I'd be honored to have you chop my head off.


Ruby! You double crosser! The others will never let you get the book for yourself, and neither will I!