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The lounge where Ash threw his party and had his bathroom brawl with Deadite Amber is now vacant and trashed. Deputy Marge arrives on the scene to investigate.

She enters the bathroom and finds the decapitated body of Amber and radios dispatch for assistance. Suddenly, she hears a whisper and Baal appears. Marge raises her gun but is immediately entranced and lowers it. Baal proceeds to slice the skin off of her body.

As Ash is walking down the street, he is ambushed by Sheriff Thomas and his officers. They place him under arrest and charge him with Amber's murder.

Ash is placed in jail at the station and finds his buddy Chet in next cell, who was also picked up for drunk driving and soliciting a prostitute, Joanie, who is in the next cell over.

Baal shows up at the station disguised as Marge. Shortly after, Linda enters with a traumatized Lacey who attempts to explain to Thomas what she went through, but he doesn't believe her.

Ruby, Kelly and Pablo later enter the station looking for Ash.

Baal/Marge overhears Ash yelling from his cell and goes to see him. Baal/Marge lets Ash out of his cell and tells him to make his phone call. Ash finds the phone has been disconnected, but it rings moments later as he walks away. When Ash answers, a mysterious voice on the other end taunts him.

Ash leaves and finds the others in the lobby and Ruby explains that Baal has the ability to take on the appearance of anyone. Paranoia grows among everyone and they begin accusing each other of being Baal.

Pablo reveals to Kelly and Ash that he is has a strange rash on his abdomen.

Ruby goes to the evidence locker to retrieve the dagger and finds another deputy hiding. The deputy is eventually revealed to be Baal. Ruby attempts to stab him with her dagger, but is easily overpowered.

Baal then takes the dagger and tells Ruby that without the Necronimicon and her dagger, there is no way to defeat him. Baal also mentions that he and Ruby had a deal and that she is mortal and has no power.

Sheriff Thomas is being controlled by Baal and almost shoots Linda, before Ash interferes and tackles Thomas. While Ash and Thomas struggle, a skinless demon falls from the ceiling, attacks Ash, and kills Joanie.

The lights flicker and the skinless demon and Linda disappear. Ash searches for her and finds Linda locked in a cell. While Ash attempts to free her, the demon appears behind Ash and a fight ensues.

Ruby shows up and slides Ash his chain saw as she blows the demon's head off with his shotgun, however it remains alive. Ash then cuts the demon in half down the middle, finally killing it.

Afterwards, they all rush to Pablo who is in agony. Ruby looks at the symbols on Pablo's stomach that are spreading. She tells Pablo, she is their only hope at stopping Baal.

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Baal/Marge: You got five, sugar.
Ash: Oh I got eight, but I know how to make it feel like five.

Linda, from the moment I saw you I realized, that you were one of the only Linda's for me.