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While driving around intoxicated with Pablo's corpse in the passenger seat, Ash has a hallucination of an alive Pablo telling him to go back in time and change things. Ash gets Ruby to read an incantation on Pablo's body, which opens a portal. Ash drives through it and they all end up back in 1982.

Ash explains his plan to Ruby and Kelly. He is going to go to the cabin and retrieve the Necronomicon before his younger self has a chance to read from it and unleash the evil that started everything.

Upon arrival, they are all immediately attacked by an unseen force. Ash questions how the evil could already be unleashed if he hasn't read form the book yet at this point in time.

As Ash is chased into the cabin, he is separated from Kelly and Ruby.

Kelly and Ruby encounter a possessed tree that attacks them, but they are able to eventually subdue it when Kelly rips off a branch and gives to Ruby to stab the tree's eye, releasing them.

Ash steps on a rusty nail, which causes evil to infect his leg. Ash attempts to cut off his leg before the infection spreads any further, but has second thoughts and decides to stab his leg and suck it out like snake venom.

This causes a demon to quickly gestate in Ash's stomach, which he eventually pulls out and shoots, killing it.

Ash then makes his way to the cellar in search of the book. He finds a chained up Henrietta, the wife of Professor Knowby who originally brought the Necronomicon to the cabin that Ash later found in the original Evil Dead film.

Henrietta pleads with Ash to release her, but Ash is hesitant. Believing that Henrietta is a deadite, he leaves her chained up and goes to peak out the cellar door when he hears Professor Knowby arrive back with a young student named Tanya.

Knowby leads Tanya down to the cellar and she is eventually caught in a bear trap. As Knowby tells Tanya about summoning a demon from the book, Ash decides to release Henrietta. However, Ash immediately finds out from Knowby that Henrietta was possessed, and was going to attempt to transfer the demon from his wife into Tanya.

Deadite Henrietta appears and knocks down Knowby. Ash attempts to kill her but she vanishes. While Ash is attempting to free Tanya from the bear trap, Henrietta transforms in a larger and grotesque creature.

Henrietta then attacks Ash while Tanya is able to break free. When Tanya attempts to head out of the cellar, she finds that Knowby has padlocked the door shut. Henrietta vanishes again and Ash finds Tanya by the door and yells at Knowby to let them out. Suddenly, Henrietta finds them both and slowly approaches.

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Yes, I'm upset. Yes, I'm behind the wheel. Yes I'm drunk, and maybe my license isn't the fancy kind from the DMV, but at least I'm drunk!


Don't you worry my little burrito, you're safe in this trunk while we change history and bring you back to life.