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Well, it appears Ruby is trying to fix things with the book. But it's not working out so great.

The gang is down in Jacksonville (my assumption) at a motel party. Ash is cutting melons in the air with his arm. Good times.

A wind kicks up. There's a problem in the sky. Uh oh. Looks like evil has found them.

The truce is over!

Pablo is still calling Ash Jefe, despite the fact he doesn't need to anymore. Kelly and Pablo take the brunt of the blood and gore when it starts, but the Deadite who is after Ash has quite a good time. Slipping in the blood is good stuff. Kelly holding the arms is great.

Ash knows Ruby is in Elk Grove, Michigan. They're off.

On Ash's crack house of a home, Ashy Slashy is written next to the front door. There are creepy kids running all around and a picture of him and his dad on the mantle.

His dad isn't dead, but in the living room with a shotgun. They trade Six Million $$ barbs. Pablo shows him his shitty drawing of Ruby. It was a bumpy ride. More barbs and Brock thinks Ashley and the illegal should just leave. But they can leave the girl. Hard pass, says Kelly.

They're on their way back to Jacksonville when Ash stops into a bar and runs into Linda Bates. She looks great! And Little Tommy Emery who is Sheriff Emery now. Linda and Tommy are married. Ashy Slashy has to fight through the pain of being home again to show Pablo's ridiculous drawing of Ruby. He's here to save the town!

Pablo sees someone just hanging around in an ally. He follows, right into a trap. Ruby is holding the book. It faces off and clings to his. He peels off his face. It's only a vision!!

But Ash knows the building. It's the crematorium. Pablo has been having these waking visions ever since Ruby put the book on his face. He hasn't told anyone because he was afraid. Ash wants to get answers.

Ash marches off and bangs his head on the pipes. That's gotta sting. Fire in the hole!

There are more than one of those things bent up and crawling around. Ash thinks they're Ruby's children. One snags Kelly and locks her away.

When Pablo grabs at his Ruby necklace (or whatever it is) the creatures can't sense him.

Ash is out there bumping and smoke puffing his way through the crematorium.

A version of Kelly tells her she's stronger than Ash and then starts singing We're gonna get you...before blood starts pouring out and spraying all around.

Ruby sneaks out at Ash. She says she summoned him. Her children turned on her and they're trying to destroy her. Things do not look too good for Kelly, but Pablo saves her.

As Ruby's children close in on her, Ash finds three creepy kids just as they grab the Necromonicon.

Except it's just an anatomy book. Ash is fighting with himself. Dammit. Ruby is hot. Now he's gotta go fight the naked assholes.


Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Deadite: Your truce is over Ashy Slashy.
Ash: What'd you call me?

I have fought with Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan and this fucked up shit is my only hope? Oh fuck, what a mess.