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Ash, Ruby, Kelly, Linda and Lacey bring Pablo back to the house as his symptoms are getting progressively worse. Ruby informs everyone that Pablo is becoming one with the Necronomicon, and it will eventually consume him.

Angry townsfolk rush the sheriff station and demand that sheriff Thomas go after Ash, as they all still see Ash as a murderer and the cause of the recent trouble in town.

Baal appears and persuades Thomas to lead the mob and seek out Ash.

Ash tells the group his plan is to fight Baal head on, while Ruby takes a more indirect approach. She proposes using an incantation to speed up Pablo's transformation just enough in order to obtain the spell that can send Baal back to hell.

Just as Ash tells Linda that he will head out and check on Thomas, the sheriff arrives with the angry mob. They begin decimating the Williams home by breaking windows and opening fire on the house as everyone takes cover.

Kelly, having had enough, fires back into the street full of people with her machine gun.

Ruby, Kelly and Lacey move Pablo to Ash's old room, away from the danger.

Ruby's incantation causes Pablo to levitate and tosses everyone back with a powerful force. Ruby is injured and Kelly tells her to fix herself with her power, but Ruby is forced to reveal that she is no longer immortal.

With the incantation finished, the spell eventually appears on Pablo's chest.

Ash goes into his sister Cheryl's room and finds Chet, recreating a twisted shrine to Ash's sister by having one of her dresses laid out on her bed and holding a headshot photo of her.

Ash and Chet leave the room, but the spirit of Cheryl is summoned. She is at first friendly and pretends to not remember anything, but she quickly turns into a Deadite and attacks. Ash is able to save Chet but Cheryl disappears.

Ash heads downstairs to look for her. After a brief game of sinister hide and seek, Cheryl attacks Ash through the wall. He is able to get the upper hand until Chet walks in, Cheryl then kills Chet by ripping his heart out.

Ash shoots Cheryl threw the front door as she is blown into he street of the awaiting mob. She reverts back into her human self as the mob intends to shoot Ash. Suddenly, Cheryl transforms back into a Deadite and attacks the mob.

Ash is able to subdue Cheryl by pinning her down in the trunk of a car and decapitating her with his chain saw.

Everyone now believing Ash is not the murderer they made him out to be, begin applauding his heroics.

While Ash is basking in the gratitude, sheriff Thomas grabs Ash from behind as one of the townsfolk reveals herself to actually be Baal.

Baal does his whisper of persuasion and tells Ash that they should be working together. Baal then knocks Ash unconscious with the butt of his own shotgun as he falls to the ground.



Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I got a plan for Baal, and it doesn't involve recycling Pablo into some stupid book. I'm gonna find him, take my chain saw, shove it right up his ass.


Kelly: Okay, so I just fired a gun at a crowd of civilians.
Ash: Yeah, that's like a felony.