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After evil having been vanquished at the hands of Ash, Pablo and Kelly, Elk Grove has returned to normalcy. Months later, Ash has opened up his own hardware shop, Pablo has his own food truck business and Kelly has been running a nearby bar.

The fun is short lived when a woman finds the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and attempts to sell it at an appraising house located in a nearby barn. The Appraiser is intrigued by the finding and recites an incantation within its pages. Evil immediately returns and spreads across town, destroying the barn in the process.

Ruby appears and attempts to take the book from the appraiser, who is reluctant to give it up, so Ruby kills him and reclaims the book..

In the nearby High School, two teenagers named Brandy and Rachel are cleaning graffiti off of a locker after school as a form of punishment. The school mascot walks by and gives a sly remark to the girls as he walks past.

Suddenly, the lights go out and see the mascot suddenly reappear down the hall, staring at them. The lights go out complete,y and when they come back the possessed mascot appears in front of the girls as they run away to hide.

At the bar, Kelly sees hell breaking loose on the TV. She speaks to an unknown person over the phone on how they were right about evil coming back.

Outside his hardware store, Ash enjoys a cocktail while he mingles with the townsfolk.

Ash is approached by an angry woman named Candace, when he claims he doesn't know her she punches him and tells him that she is his wife. Ash continues to deny this, but eventually, Candace is able to convince him that not only were they married, but that they had a daughter together, who happens to be Brandy.

Ash agrees to help Candace, as the two of them along with Pablo head to the school.

Once at the school, they're able to locate Brandy and Rachel who have been hiding out inside the music room. Ash reveals to Brandy that he is her father, which she is less than thrilled about. Suddenly, Rachel becomes possessed and attacks Ash.

Deadite Rachel hurls a cymbal toward Brandy, but Pablo pushes her out of the way. However, Candace, who was standing behind her ends up being decapitated.

Ash eventually kill Rachel by pinning her under a harp and slicing through her skull with the strings.

While trying to comfort Brandy over the loss of her mother, the mascot pulls Ash through the classroom window and they fight in the hall. Pablo attempts to help, but they are both overpowered.

Kelly suddenly appears with Dalton, the person she was speaking with over the phone. Kelly ends up shooting a gas container into the mascot's mouth, blowing its head off and effectively killing it.

Kelly introduces the team to Dalton, as Ash introduces them to his daughter, whom he continuously calls by the wrong name.

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Sorry Jailbait, my dance card is a little full. I'll have to squeeze you in.


Ash: Who's the boy toy?
Kelly: This is Dalton, he's with the Knights of Sumaria.
Ash: The who with the huh?